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Why Are Cats Given Up?

There are many reasons why cats are surrendered to shelters. These include: losing their home; moving to a new area that does not allow pets; having too many kittens, who need homes; ending of a relationship; moving while the cat stays behind; and simply “not being in love” with the cat. The number one reason cats are given up is because they are older – usually six years or older. This can be prevented by spaying and neutering your pets.

The main reason why cats are given up is the owner's financial situation.

End the Suffering of Stray Cats

Stray cats are the most frequent victims of abuse, as well as the hardest to find homes for. There are more than 20 million stray cats in America who need forever homes and can’t stay where they are. That’s why we’re using PetFinder.com to connect people looking for a feline companion with local animal shelters that are in desperate need of adoptions. Together, we can end the suffering of stray cats.

This is your chance to help them

This is your chance to help them and also be a part of this historical project. The more pre-orders that are placed the more money we’ll have to spend on the cat, which will make it even better.

Help to rescue orphans

We rescue kitties weekly from the streets and high kill shelters, rehabilitate and foster, then find them chill forever homes by the beach.










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