Like most rescues in Los Angeles, Beach City Kitties does not have a rescue center or sanctuary. We rely on our kind and dedicated fosters to take care of our cats and kittens in their homes until adopted. If you’d like to foster for us, please fill out the form below. Thanks in advance!

FOSTER Kitty Adoption Application
Foster Information
Can you provide the foster pet(s) adequate shelter during the foster period?
Do you anticipate moving in the near future?
Do you have any other pets?
If yes, are your pets spayed/neutered?
If yes, are your pets up to date on vaccinations?
If yes, do your pets get along with other animals?
Can you commit to spending quality time with your fosters?(Expect to spend an average of 2 hours a day with your fosters.)
Can you commit to the entire duration of the foster period?(Foster periods will vary. On average, fosters can expect to care for their fosters a minimum of 2 months.)
Can you commit to the financial responsibility of caring for your fosters?(We will provide you with a starter kit of food and litter; however, fosters will be responsible for the supplies necessary to provide adequate care to their fosters. [Note: we may be able to provide additional supplies depending on what you need])
Can you commit to separating the fosters from your own pets at the beginning
Are you comfortable giving foster pets medication in case they need it?
Do you foster for other rescues?